Room Rental available for Classes, Parties, Field Trips and more at Village!

Rent Our Performance Hall
The Performance Hall at our Center is a fantastic space equipped with floor-to-ceiling natural light, high ceilings, and great acoustic sound.  The room can accommodate approximately 30 adult guests.   Village serves the local arts community, and we encourage any instructors who may need a space for their performance/ class (es) to utilize our space for hourly rental when available. The Performance Hall  is also a peaceful and bright space for meetings or presentations that may be suitable to flourish in our creative and clean environment. Come by today and take a look at our Center. We’d be happy to show you around!

Field Trips & Merit Badges
Bring your school’s class or Scout Troop to our Center to learn more about a particular instrument, take a yoga class and more!  Earn Music, Theatre, and Art badges!  Let us know what you are looking for!  Chances are, we can work together to create a field trip that suits your needs!

Fun Parties At Village Center
Looking for a fun activity for next event or birthday party?  With a Village party, you aren’t just hiring entertainment, you are the entertainment!  Let Village give your party that extra something to make it unforgettable; we will customize one of our classes, taught by a Village Instructor,  just for you!  Bring your party to our Center for a special 2 hour class.  Here are a few examples:

Princess Party
Participants dress-up in their finest princess attire and sing the songs of timeless animated fairy tales! Your sweet princess crew will have a great time while stepping into the royal shoes of the princess characters they love from the movies.

Project Rock Band Party
Rock and Roll! Participants will learn to play part of a classic song and they can try out a particular instrument while getting experience playing in a rock band with other musicians!

Glee! Party
A willingness to sing and have fun are the only requirements to participate!  The group will have a great time singing the classic pop songs of Glee!   Our Glee program places a strong emphasis on team building and camaraderie.  Village will also customize the music according to the theme of your party.

Storybook Yoga Party
Our Storybook class is a playful journey through age appropriate (age 3-5) yoga postures. Every adventure features story themes of kindness, generosity, courage and happiness.  Share this experience at your little one’s next celebration!  (Yoga for Kids party available, ages 6-8)

Adult Yoga Party
Hosting a dinner party among friends? Ladies’ night? Whatever the occasion, we will send a yoga instructor to your venue and they will run a 75 minute class. (Longer classes are available; prices will vary.) Village will work with you to choose the most appropriate class and method, depending on experience of the group. We work with all levels of yogis from beginner to advanced!

We can provide many other arts activities for parties; please call us to learn more or if you’d like to inquire about a particular party idea you may have in mind!

Call us at 925-676-8400 or visit our online contact form to learn more!