State of the Arts: Our Community, Our Schools, Our Stars.
Written by Robert W. Konkle, Founder & CEO, Village Center for the Arts

We all know music is the one language that knows no borders. A great piece of music knows no time and yet can define an era. It is timeless, universal, revolutionary and beautiful.

Research clearly shows that music lessons can dramatically enhance children’s spatial-temporal reasoning skills, the skills crucial for greater success in subjects such as math and science.  Studies also show that early and ongoing musical training helps organize and develop children’s brains in ways that no other activity can. Musical achievement is a constant reminder of the benefits of commitment, discipline, process and practice. Not to mention, playing music is a blast!

I have been a music teacher for over twenty years, and as the Founder of Village Center, I’ve witnessed generations of students prove that the success discovered through musical achievement transcends the notes on the page or the scales under one’s fingers.

By way of our bi-monthly column, the Village Center team and I will have the pleasure of sharing with you teachers, PTA members, school principals and students who have dedicated themselves to strengthening the educational opportunities in our schools and throughout our community and are championing the cause of keeping the Arts alive.  Email info@VillageCenterForTheArts.org if you know of someone who fits this description.

So many parent groups have dedicated their time and energy in to getting more Arts Programs into schools to get their children the optimal education they deserve.  We’d like to THANK YOU- you’ve made a significant difference!  Now, more than ever, our collective effort to make Arts Education accessible to as many people as possible is critical to properly educating our children as well as building a strong, creative community!


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